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Puppy Care




How our puppies are raised

Our puppies are raised in our home where they come pre loved. We believe that proper socialization starts from the day they are born. Our puppies are handled daily right from the minute they are born. Their feet, ears and tail are touched often to prepare them for the grooming that poodles require. We start brushing them daily at a young age so they get use to it for their new owners. Poodles naturally have long fur including on their face and feet that some owners will shave to give them the poodle look. We start shaving our puppies faces before they leave that way they get use to it early on if the new owner chooses to continue having their face shaved. When our puppies are given a bath we blow dry them afterwards instead of letting them air dry that way they get use to the blow dryer. Since they are raised in our home they get use to everyday sights, smells and sounds. Some of these include the vaccume, tv, kids playing, other dogs and animals, etc. We also expose them to sounds they are less frequently to come into contact with such as fireworks, sirens, gunshots, thunder, etc.



Potty Training

Tips for potty training

Guide for how long a puppy can hold his/her bladder

2 months ----------- 2hrs

Every additional month ------- Add 1hr

6 months and older ------- 6-8 hrs

Take your puppy out right after any of these events:

~ Right after a meal

~ Immediately after sleeping

~ After playtime

~ be persistent and patient

~ create a daily routine

~ keep in a smaller area and do not let them have free roam of the house until fully potty trained

~ if you can not keep your eye on the puppy then put him/her in a crate

~ always take your puppy to the same location

~ Praise them after they go outside


Rotational Feeding

What is rotational feeding?

Rotational feeding means rotating between different flavors of food to ensure that your puppy is getting a wide range of nutrients. Rotational feeding can be done daily, weekly, monthly or from bag to bag.

Benefits to rotational feeding

By giving different proteins and ingredients it helps support a strong gastrointestinal environment which means happy tummies. It can also help with boredom to help keep your puppy excited at meal time.


Benefits of probiotics

Supports the immune system

Improves food allergies

Prevents anxiety and reduces stress

Prevents/improves diarrhea from stress, medications, food changes

Manages yeast





Daily with slicker brush and metal comb

Nail Clipping

Every 2-3 weeks


Every 2-3 weeks

Professional grooming

Every 4-6 weeks