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Gender - male

Color - black phantom

Size - moyen/small standard

DOB - June 26, 2022

Price - $1,500 pet price


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Size reference

Standard poodles are the largest out of the three sizes recognized in North America. In Europe they have a fourth size they recognize which is between the standard and miniature size. This size is refereed to as medium, also known as moyen or klein. The size for standard poodles in North America starts at 15 inches and up. Whereas in Europe the size for medium (moyen or klein) is from 15 inches to 18 inches and the size for standards starts at 18 inches and up. Many Canadian and American breeders will use the term moyen to refer to a poodle that is 15-20 inches tall but since the ckc and akc don't recognize moyen as a size they are registered as standards.